Radar Test System for Collision Avoidance Radar

Passive Radar Test System

Adapter, Straight Section, Horn

Dielectric Waveguide Adapter

Demonstrator Unit / Dielectric Delay Line

Passive Target Simulator (PTS)

With this new PTS Series, TTE indroduce a new passive test system for RF and Microwave Applications.
This target simulator will be offered with different options and can easily customize for simple implementation in existing systems.


  • Low Failure rate, because there is no operation necessary.
  • Long-term stability
  • Suitable for Broadband Applications
  • 76 GHz, 79 GHz, 81 GHz
  • Customized Outlines, Frequency Range and Delay Time (ns) or Distance (m) on request
  • Ultra low loss dielectric waveguide


  • Radar Module Testing in Assembly lines
  • Radar Testing and Developement
  • Test and Measurement