Flexible Dielectric Waveguides

Flexible Dielectric Waveguide

Demonstrator Unit / Dielectric Delay Line

Flexible Dielectric Waveguides (FDW)

With this new FDW Series, TTE indroduce new signal transmission lines for RF and Microwave Applications.
This Dielectric Waveguides will be used, where low Attenuation and high Flexibility is required.
The integrated Transitions make the Dielectric Waveguide 100% compatible to your existing, rectangular Waveguide Equipement. The out electrical shield gives an additional mechanical protection to the Waveguide section.


  • Flexible Waveguide
  • Frequency 60-90 GHz (WR-12) and 75-110 GHz (WR-10) / 50-75 GHz (WR-15) is currently under development
  • Full Waveguide Bandwidth
  • Ultra Low Attenuation compared to Metal Waveguide
  • Transition from Dielectric to metallic rectangular Waveguide included
  • Mechanical and Electrical Shielding
  • Customized Length up to 2m


  • S-Parameter Measurement
  • On-Wafer Probing
  • Test and Measurement