MMIC Attenuators, Mixers, Amplifiers, Switches, Multiplier, Phaseshifter


Marki Microwave Introduces MMIC Mixers and Amplifiers

Marki offers both square wave amplifiers for driving T3 mixers and efficient broadband sine wave amplifiers for driving double and triple balanced mixers. All amplifiers cover broad bandwidths with flat gain and high efficiency in both power and/or space.

GaAs Schottky MMIC mixers serve as an outstanding low cost and high performance complement to Marki's existing band of double balanced Microlithic® mixers.

Available models include double balanced mixers covering every RF/LO frequency from 3-67 GHz, all with excellent isolations and spurious suppressions.



These chip attenuators (DC-125 GHz) provide a wide band response in a variety of fixed commonly used attenuation values, required for many MMIC integration projects.

Features Applications
0, 1, 2, 3, 6, 10 dB values mm-wave systems
Small form factor (0.5mm*0.5mm) Instrumentation
Low gain slope Full band systems (V-band, E-band, W-band)