Quasi-Optical Scalar Network Analyzer System

QO Lens

Detection Side

Sample Holder

Source Side with DC

Quasi-Optics Transmission-Reflection and Radar modeling

Millimeter-submillimeter waves belong to the electromagnetic waves spectrum. They are located between microwaves, which can be propagated into coax cables or waveguides, and light (infrared or visible), which propagates mostly in free space.
Millimeter-submillimeter waves can be propagated into waveguides. However, waveguides are more and more lossy and difficult to machine at growing frequencies, since the wavelength becomes too small: for instance the width of a TE01 waveguide of the order of the wavelength, is about 3 mm at 100 GHz, and only 0.3 mm at 1000 GHz. Millimeter and especially submillimeter waves can be propagated into free space.
In this case the optical components like lenses, mirrors, etc., have dimensions which cannot be viewed as very much larger than the wavelength, contrary to light propagation. Because of that, care must be taken of diffraction problems, and the technique is called quasi-optics rather than optics.

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