Nuhertz FilterSolutions Version 15 released


Nuhertz Technologies, LLC is pleased to announce the release of FilterSolutions 15.0.1 with the following useful additions:

For ALL Users:
1) Improved synthesis and simulation accuracy for overlay filters requiring broadside coupled lines.
2) New text entry capability to accurately set graphical markers.
3) New option to set the lower dB limit of magnitude plots. (-200 dB remains the default option selection).
4) Fixed a problem with S-Parameter file reads with the effect of increasing S-Parameter file import robustness.

For Ansys Users:
1) New direct interface to Ansys Electronics Designer circuits designs for microsrips and stripline planar designs, including optimization and tuned variable retrieval

For AWR Users:
1) Fixed a port tuning bug involving covered microstrips with the effect of increasing accuracy for port tuning covered microstrips.
2) Default LPF name updated to match new AWRDE 13 default LPF name

For CST Users:
1) Support for CST 2017’s new element packages and subsequent exportation into the CST 3D simulator
2) Incorporated CST Design Studio parasitic models for inductors, capacitors, and resistors

Users with current support contract can download the latest version from the Nuhertz website. Users with expired support term may contact TACTRON for an update offer. A detailed list of enhancements is available on request.

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