New broadband-SPDT with USB-control

Ducommun SPDT-USB

The CPD-20405560-AU by ⇒Ducommun Inc. features 2.92 mm connectors and a frequency range of 0.5 to 40 GHz. This absorptive SPDT is optimized to offer superior insertion loss and isolation. The CPD series is one of Ducommun’s most reliable products with proven track record and reliable power handling capability.


  • Frequency: 0.5 – 40 GHz
  • Insertion Loss: 5.5 dB (max)
  • Isolation: 60 dB (min)
  • VSWR: 2.5:1 (max)
  • Rise/Fall Time: 50 ns (max)
  • RF Power Handling (non-destructive): +23 dBm
  • RF Power Handling (destructive): +30 dBm
  • RF Connectors: 2.92mm (female)
  • Power Supply and Control: USB Micro-B

A full datasheet is available on request.


Modelithics Special Promotion for Cadence Spectre

MDLX Cadence Promo

Modelithics is pleased to announce the release of the Modelithics Library v20.6 for the Cadence Spectre Simulation Platform. Version 20.6 includes over 330 models from nearly 30 vendors, representing more than 21,000 components.

Version 20.6 of the Modelithics Library includes 23 new circuit simulation models. New passive models include the AVX MP01, MP02, and MP03 capacitor families, the ATC 504L resistor series, the Coilcraft 0402DC, 0805HP, and 0805LS inductor families, the DLI C04BL121X, C04UL, C06CF, and C08BL102X capacitor series, Exxelia SHF251xxx capacitor series, and the Johanson L-14C and L-14W inductor families. Also included are models for the Murata LQP03HQ inductor series and GQM1555C capacitor series, the Vishay VJ0402 capacitor series and the CH02016, FC0402, CH0402, MCT0603, CH0603, CRCW1206, and MMA0204 resistor families, and the Würth Elektronik WE-CAIR 5910 inductor series.

To apply for the 3-6 month promotion, complete the request form at ⇒https://www.modelithics.com/mvp/cadence and enter CADSPECIAL in the Promo field. Modelithics asks for your feedback during the evaluation.


Breitband-Baluns bis 20GHz von Marki Microwave

Marki Balun

This has been quite the year for balun innovation at Marki Microwave! New differential ADCs and DACs are offering wider bandwidths and operating at higher frequencies, necessitating the development of equally impressive baluns (transformers). Our new BAL-0020SLG has an incredible 10MHz to 20GHz bandwidth to showcase the true capabilities of the market’s best data converters, enabling demanding applications such as wideband electronic warfare.

  • Exceptional phase balance to 20GHz
  • Short, narrow package allows for high channel densities
  • Design for manufacturability provides better cost and availability than previous generations

More Information, datasheets and model variants can be found on the ⇒Marki Product webpage