Accubeat präsentiert kleinsten Rubidium-Oszillator

Accubeat Nano Oszillator

The NAC1 is the newest and smallest addition to AccuBeat’s line of Rubidium Frequency Standards. Incorporating proven traditional glass technology and based on Coherent Population Trapping (CPT), the NAC1 is an extremely small and compact atomic clock that has been designed as a board mounted component.

NAC1 provides 10 MHz and 1PPS outputs and short term stability (Allan Deviation) of 2E-11 @ 100 seconds with aging of 3E-10/month at 25°C. The NAC1 has a RS232 interface for monitoring and control, a Built in Test (BIT) output and a warm-up time of typically 160 seconds. Measuring just 41.1mm X 35.3mm X 22mm and weighing only 75 grams and with a power consumption of less than 1.2 Watts, the new NAC1 is a Rubidium atomic clock especially suitable and designed for a wide range of portable applications.

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