Polyfet präsentiert 450W HF-Transistor

Polyfet LS2541FM

The LS2541FM is the second product released from the new 50VDC family of push-pull LDMOS transistors manufactured by Polyfet RF Devices. The LS2541FM is an unmatched, discrete transistor that was designed to operate in the AM, HF, and FM frequency bands. Across any of these frequency bands the LS2541FM delivers 500W of saturated power with close to 80% efficiency. Its drain breakdown voltage rating of min 120VDC allows for reliable drain voltage operation of up to 50VDC.

The LS2541FM has been tested and characterized in the Polyfet designed, 88-108MHz evaluation amplifier called TB270. Please refer to the LS2541FM data sheet, and the TB270 data package for complete performance data. The ceramic package used by the LS2541FM has a flange that is thin (0.040” vs 0.060”) and is made of CPC (not CuW) material. This provides for superior thermal transfer from die to heat sink.

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