Marki's IQ-Mixer Line expanded to 65GHz


As with our industry-leading double and triple balanced MMIC mixers, in L, H, and S-diode options, each providing higher P1dB and IP3 with a corresponding higher LO drive for the ultimate in design flexibility. No matter which version you select you will get exceptional spurious performance, high isolations and image rejection, and wide multi-octave bandwidths on all ports.

Today we’re introducing three new IQ mixers, each a variant of an existing product. The MMIQ-0218H offers an impressive 2 to 18 GHz RF/LO, DC to 3 GHz IF, IIP3 of +25dBm, and is also available in L-diode. The MMIQ-1040S has a 10 to 40 GHz bandwidth, DC to 12GHz IF, IIP3 of +27dBm, and is also offered in L-diode. The MMIQ-1865S is an 18 to 65 GHz mmwave IQ mixer with a wide DC to 23 GHz IF, IIP3 of +27dBm, and available in L-diode and H-diode as well. Each of these IQ mixers features high LO-RF isolation, such as the MMIQ-1865S with 50 dB isolation, enabling the use of a higher LO drive without penalty due to feedthrough. Each of these IQ mixers are available as a wire-bondable bare die and connectorized module.

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