L-Band-Verstärker bis 850W gepulst

Polyfet TB277C_LY2542LR

The LY2542LR is the latest transistor released from Polyfet RF Devices’ new 50VDC family of push-pull LDMOS transistors. The LY2542LR is an internally matched, discrete transistor in a push-pull package designed to operate across 1.2-1.4GHz. When operated at 50VDC, with a 300uS pulse width, and 12% duty cycle the LY2542LR delivers a minimum of 850W P1dB (925W Psat) of power across this band.

Its drain breakdown voltage rating of min 120VDC allows for reliable drain voltage operation of up to 50VDC. The LY2542LR has been tested and characterized in the Polyfet, 1.2-1.4GHz evaluation amplifier called TB277C (pictured above). A datapackage can be downloaded here: ⇒TB277C

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