Marki erweitert Verstärker-Palette

Marki Amplifier

In recent years, Marki Microwave made significant investment in MMIC amplifier research and product development culminating in the launch of two new product families: our ultra-efficient AMM series of millimeter wave amplifiers and our low phase noise APM series driver amplifiers, both available in bare die, surface mount and connectorized packages. We also introduced new connectorized versions of our popular ADM series amplifiers with higher output powers to +30 dBm. These new MMIC designs propelled the launch of new connectorized amplified multipliers including doublers and quadruplers with outputs extending to 56GHz.

ADM Series: robust design, ideal for T3 mixers, no sequencing
APM Series: low phase noise, positive-bias only, no sequencing
AMM Series: power-efficient millimeter-wave drivers to 56GHz

Check out our ⇒complete amplifier selection, and keep an eye out for more new product releases in 2020!

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