Bird New Product: Sensor Metrology Kit

Sensor Metrolgy Kit

Wideband, High Power RF Calibration Kit
Precise. Accurate. Dependable.

The Sensor Metrology Kits (SMK) calibration kits are precision, high power calibration standards that are used to calibrate RF radios, wattmeters, directional couplers and other high-power RF test equipment in the field or metrology lab. Unlike other calibration solutions, the SMK-3000 calibration kits reduce the cost of ownership and provide a much faster time-to-calibration with lab precision and accuracy you’ve come to expect from Bird Technologies.

The SMK-3000 Kit includes

  • Low Band Directional Power Sensor
  • Medium Band Directional Power Sensor
  • High Band Directional Power Sensor
  • ⇒4421A Multifunction Power Meter
  • Rugged Carrying Case
  • Latch & Lock Cable

(Für weitere Details besuchen sie bitte die ⇒Bird SMK-3000 Website.)

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