Modelithics feiert 20sten Geburtstag

20 Jahre Modelithics

TAMPA, Florida(March1,2021) Modelithics is honored to announcethat it has crossed another milestone in the historyof thecompany. As of March 1, 2021 Modelithics,will be celebrating 20 yearsof establishment. What began as a small spinout startup from the University of South Florida has risen to stand tall as the industry leader in RF, microwave and millimeter-wave measurements and measurement-based modeling of RF and microwave components and semiconductor devices. We are proud of ourcompany’s many innovative products, customservice projects, designer focused application notes and other accomplishments that have proven to be exceptionally productive for our customers.

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Modelithics founder and CEO Dr. Dr. Lawrence Dunleavy has been awarded the IEEE MTT-S Microwave Application Award for contributions made to improving the quality and utility of field effect transistor models for the RF/microwave design community.

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