Marki Microwave integriert Mixer mit LO-Treiber


Are you being asked to design smaller and smaller frequency converters, while also increasing the number of channels? That’s why we at Marki Microwave designed the ⇒MT3A-0113H. We’ve combined our legendary high linearity T3 mixer with our low phase noise LO driver amplifier to provide the ultimate combination of performance and size.

This triple-balanced mixer provides an LO/RF bandwidth of 1GHz to 13GHz, and an overlapping IF bandwidth spanning 500MHz to 8.5GHz. The MT3A-0113H only requires +6dBm LO input for high linearity, and with increased LO can achieve up to +30dBm IIP3. Available as wire-bondable die or connectorized package.

Main features:

RF/LO: 1 to 13GHz
IF: .5 to 8.5GHz
LO Drive: +3 to +15dBm
Conversion Loss: 9.5dB
IIP3: +28dBm

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