Marki stellt SMD-Limiter vor

Marki Limiter

Marki Microwave is introducing two surface mount MMIC limiters designed to protect sensitive RF components from high power conditions, while also maintaining high linearity during small-signal operation.

HLM-40PSM offers a wide DC to 40GHz bandwidth while maintaining very low 0.7dB loss at 20GHz. Power handling is rated at 2.5W CW and 9.5W peak. For higher power applications we designed the HLM-20PSM, a DC-20GHz solution rated at 5W CW and 50W peak.

Our Schottky diode design provides faster recovery time than traditional PIN diode approaches, and the MMIC fabrication process ensures repeatable part-to-part performance. These high performance limiters are suitable for pulsed radar, electronic warfare, and communications applications and are offered in 4×4mm QFN. Evaluation boards are also available.

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