Marki präsentiert High-Isolation-Mischer

Marki High Isolation Mixer

The Marki Microwave MM1-1040HPSM is the ideal choice for 5G signal analyzer applications. Our latest high-linearity SMT mmWave mixer spans the entire Ku through Ka-bands in a small 3×3mm QFN. RF/LO bandwidth is 10 to 40 GHz, and IF is DC to 12 GHz enabling numerous applications including 5G, electronic warfare, SATCOM and mmWave body scanners.

MM1-1040HPSM features a low 7dB conversion loss, +20dBm IIP3, excellent spur suppression, and high isolation. Achieve optimal performance by pairing with our AMM series of broadband mmwave LO driver amplifiers. Evaluation boards are available.

The MM1-0832HPSM is a new high linearity surface mount mixer solution for X through Ka band, with excellent performance to 32 GHz for SATCOM and 5G applications. RF and LO bandwidth covers 8 to 32 GHz, IF spans a wide DC to 12 GHz, and the LO supports drive levels +12 to +23dBm. The MM1-0832HPSM provides up to 50dB of LO isolation and +23dBm IIP3 with a +18dBm LO. This mixer is available in 3×3mm QFN or connectorized evaluation module.

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