Modelithics System-Level-Components for Keysight SystemVue


The Modelithics System Level Components (SLC Library) provide a unique collection of accurate and reliable system block models. These components are a collection of linear and nonlinear models for functional system blocks including filters, attenuators, transformers, amplifiers, etc.

System Level Component models are extracted using the same proven techniques developed for our transistor, diode, and passive component libraries. System Level Component models may have advanced features such as substrate scaling, pad scaling, and temperature scaling. Many amplifier models are X-
Parameters* based models and feature non-linear as well as broadband S-parameters simulation modes.

The SLC Library is now also available for Keysight’s SystemVue Simulator, bringing a new level of accuracy into system level simulations. For information and a list of supported system blocks, please visit the ⇒Modelithics website.

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