Improving RF Mixer Design

Modelithics MVP

Modelithics, the leading provider of RF/microwave simulation models, and Cadence AWR, a leading provider of high-performance circuit simulation tools, are pleased to announce a combined Webinar on circuit simulation.

Topic: Improving RF Mixer Design
Date: Tuesday, May 9, 2023
Time: 9:00am PT/12:00pm ET

Outline: RF mixers are required for signal modulation/demodulation and frequency conversion in wireless applications. These devices are defined by type (active and passive), application (wireless infrastructure, wired broadband), and industry vertical (aerospace and defense, telecommunications, and consumer electronics). Owing to the wide range of these applications, designers implement RF mixers using a diverse range of discrete and integrated technologies in a highly competitive market.

Mixer design and simulation support capabilities within the Cadence AWR Design Environment help efficiently design PCB- and MMIC-based mixers, including rat-race and branch-line single-balanced diode mixers. This synthesis tool incorporates the ideal component models into a design by default. In this webinar, we will demonstrate the design of a mixer using the Mixer Synthesis tool. After the initial synthesis, ideal component models are replaced with Modelithics’ accurate measurement-based models for manufacturer components. We will demonstrate how using Modelithics models for real-life components enables real-life mixer performance to ensure greater first-pass success.

To register, please visit the ⇒Cadence Webinar Registration page

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